The Dentrathi Incident

A Babylon 5: A Call to Arms system campaign

The Dentrathi system was a quiet, peaceful backwater, largely self-sufficient, getting by exporting food and drive coils. The Earth-Mimbari war had no impact, the Shadow War passed the system by. Now though, war looms. The accidental destruction of the Jump Gate at Chagunix Minor has made the Dentrathi system a strategically important transit point. Claiming support from the many human colonists of the New Tonbridge mining colony on a kuiper belt object, the Earth Alliance government moves to annex the system, while the Interstellar Alliance takes the side of continued independence. Meanwhile, the Narn, sensing an oppertunity, dig up an old forgotteen terratorial claim, and move to thake the system for themselves. The Mimbari have also mobilised a fleet, although as always they have yet to explain their actions.

The Year is 2278. The place, Dentrathi II

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