The Dentrathi System

As of the end of Week 3, the Dentrathi system consists of the following strategic targets:

Target Type Owner Special Rules Notes
Dentrathi I Dead World Vorlon - -
Dentrathi II Industrialised World ISA Generates 6RRpts/turn, Recruit gains +2Crew (2) Vorlon CtA S
Arrow of Destiny Inner System Commet Earth 1 RRpt discount on shipps with JP/AJP (4) Raider Aniihalation S
Dentrathi Orbital Construction facilities Spacedock Raider Need not pay +5XP to repair crippled ship. -
Dentrathi III Dead World ISA - -
Dentrathi Asteroid Belt Asteroid Belt Mimbari Repair 4xXP result Damage Points -
Dentrathi IV Agrarian World Earth Generates 3RR/turn, Recruit gans +2 Crew -
Dentrathi V Gas Giant Vorlon Generates 1RRpt/turn -
Dentrathi VI Gas Giant Mimbari Generates 1RRpt/turn -
Dentrathi VII Gas Giant Raiders Generates 1RRpt/turn -
Dentrathi VIII Dead World Narn - -
Dentrathi Jump Gate Jump Gate Narn Generates 3RRpts/turn, 1RRpt discount on reinforcements (3) EA* FttJG R
New Tonbridge Colony Mining Outpost ISA Generates 5RRpts/turn (1) Mimbari Recon B

* Fleet at -1 FAP

Note, the RRpt discount from Jumpgates and Inner System Comets are not cumulative.

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