No Compromises

Warlock-class Advanced Destroyer [WAR]

Speed Turns Hull Troops Crew Quality XP
8 1/45 6 6 6 0

Traits: Advanced Jump Point, Command +1, Interceptors 4

Craft: 1 Starfury, 3 Thunderbolts

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Heavy Particle Cannon 25 B 4 Beam, Super AP, Triple Damage
Railgun 20 F 4 AP, Double Damage
Railgun 20 A 4 AP, Double Damage
Laser/Pulse Array 15/(12) F 10/(5) Twin-Linked/(AP, Beam)
Laser/Pulse Array 15/(12) A 6/(3) Twin-Linked/(AP, Beam)
Laser/Pulse Array 15/(12) P 6/(3) Twin-Linked/(AP, Beam)
Laser/Pulse Array 15/(12) S 6/(3) Twin-Linked/(AP, Beam)
Missile Rack 30 F 6 Precise, Slow Loading, Super AP
Particle Beam 5 T 6 Anti-Fighter, Weak




Admiral Fitzwallace's flagship, she served with distinction during the Dentrathi incident, where it was instrumental in forcing the Narn withdrawl at the battle of Dentrathi IV. She led the attack on the ISAs fleet gathered at Hastromil IV, and delivered the first, decisive strike against O'Neil's flagship, the Executor, cripling her and reducing her to a skeleton crew. Her engines disabled by a lucky return strike, she became the target of the majority of the ISA's fire. Although her crew managed to get her underway again, and she destroyed WS-119, she was eventually hulked. Fortunately, many of the surviving crew, and Admiral Fitzwallace himself amaged to evacuate the ship, and escaped to the Beleivers II, which withdrew via hyperspace.


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