Earth Alliance

Commander: Admiral Percy 'Fitz' Fitzwallace (Jim)

Ever since th Earth Alliance first came to the Hastromil system, during the Dilgar War, it has been nothing more than a rest point for weary (and frequently unruly) crews. Earthdome has never moved to make any claim on the system until now, although it claims to have a perfectly valid long-standing right to the system. Hastromil authorities do not recognise the validity of the claim, and the case looks like it could create many billable hours for the galaxy's Interstellar Law experts. The case is long and arcane, but primarily revolves around the right or otherwise of the planetary govenor of Hastromil III to lose the system in a drunken poker match with a soup machine technician. Discovering that the anual legal budget had already been spent on a month-long teambuilding exercise on the pleasure world of Ronulus Beta IV, EarthGov has decided to adopt the old maxim 'posession is nine-tenths of the law'.

Campaign Status

Fleet Listing

Ship Type Priority Crew Quality Damage Crew Craft Criticals XP Notes
Exercise of Vital Powers Apollo Battle 4 36 (42/8) 43 (46/9) None (1) 0
No Surrender, No Retreat Omega Battle 4 40 (40/10) 60 (60/14) 1 Starfury, 2 Thunderolt (4) 0
Into The Fire Omega Battle 4 W5,R8 (44/10) W5,R8 (60/14) 1 Starfury, 2 Thunderolt (4) 0
Rising Star Omega Battle 4 22 (40/10) 38 (60/14) 1 Starfury, 3 Thunderolt (4) 0
Convictions Nova Raid 4 36 (36/9) 45 (45/12) 1 Starfury, 3 Thunderolt (4) 0
Voices of Authority Nova Raid 4 36 (36/9) 45 (45/12) 1 Starfury, 3 Thunderolt (4) 0
Messages From Earth Sagittarius Raid 6 28 (28/7) 26 (26/6) None 0
Late Delivery from Avalon Sagittarius Raid 4 28 (28/7) 26 (26/6) None 0
Interludes and Examinations Delphi Raid 5 25 (25/6) 37 (37/8) None 0
Confessions and Lamentations III Olympus Skirmish ? 28 (28/6) 32 (32/6) None 0
Acts of Sacrifice Artemis Skirmish 4 18 (18/5) 22 (22/6) None 0
Believers II Hermes Patrol 4 10 (10/3) 12 (12/3) 1 Starfury (1) 0
Survivors II Hermes Patrol ? 10 (10/3) 12 (12/3) 1 Starfury (1) 0
Grail wing Thunderbolt Patrol 4 N/A N/A 3 Thunderbolts (3) N/A N/A
Eyes wing Thunderbolt Patrol 4 N/A N/A 3 Thunderbolts (3) N/A N/A

Ships of Note

No Compromises [Warlock]

Admiral Fitzwallace's flagship, she served with distinction during the Dentrathi incident, where it was instrumental in forcing the Narn withdrawl at the battle of Dentrathi IV. She led the attack on the ISAs fleet gathered at Hastromil IV, and delivered the first, decisive strike against O'Neil's flagship, the Executor, cripling her and reducing her to a skeleton crew. Her engines disabled by a lucky return strike, she became the target of the majority of the ISA's fire. Although her crew managed to get her underway again, and she destroyed WS-119, she was eventually hulked. Fortunately, many of the surviving crew, and Admiral Fitzwallace himself amaged to evacuate the ship, and escaped to the Beleivers II, which withdrew via hyperspace.

No Surrender, No Retreat [Omega]

The No Surrender has a recent history with Admiral Fitzwalace, she served as part of the Admiral's squadron at the Battle of Dentrathi IV.

Revelations [Olympus]

During the probe on Frasta station, destroyed the ISA aligned Vree vessel 2 of Clubs, but was destroyed in the same engagement.

Roll of Honour

The ships below were destroyed in service to their fellow Man. We remember their sacrifices.

Campaign History

Turn 1 (Feb 1st-Feb 7th 2279)

Admiral Fitzwalace has moved quickly to reassemble a fleet following the Dentrathi incident, and has moved at speed to take control of Hastromil III, Considering that the spectacular dust clouds that make the planet a leisure destination will provide a measure of cover to hide fleet actions. That and he wanted control of at least one good pub.

Turn 2 (Feb 8th-Feb 14th 2279)

Having secured the strategically important Dog and Duck on Hastromil III, Fitz took advantage of the concealment of his fleet to take control of and field-repair the damaged jump gate at the Hastro-Hastromil VII L1 point.

Turn 3 (Feb 15th-Feb 21st 2279)

Having established a base of operations and a supply line, Fitz paused to probe the main supply centre of the Hastromil system, Frasta Station. Although the patrol was destroyed by an unprovoked ISA attack, they did destroy a seconded Vree saucer and the ISA fighter support. Meanwhile, the Drazi launced a surprise raid on the bulk of the Earth forces at Hastromill III. A withering hail of fire caught the Alliance forces off-guard, and almost resulted in the loss of an Omega-class, but the defenders quickly rallied to counter-attack the Drazi, who suffered heavy losses before withdrawing. As the last vessel jumped to hyperspace, the Alliance forces had lost no ships, although some had suffered heavy damage.

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